▶ If Unsubscribe From Facebook 3 Steps [and delete his account]

How to unsubscribe from Facebook? How to deactivate my Facebook account? How do I close my Facebook account? How to delete Facebook? How to delete your account? Unsubscribe still and always complicated on Facebook. If you want to disable your account temporarily leave Facebook temporarily or delete your Facebook account permanently, follow this tutorial and my explanation.

It should not be confused unsubscribe Facebook and deactivating your account. Facebook has indeed alternatives to deleting the account, namely the ability to disable your account without deleting your personal information (friends, photos, publications …).

A. Disable Facebook account just makes your profile invisible to other users.

You will then be possible to reactivate the account later simply by reconnecting with your credentials. However, the “deactivation” can “leave” the platform to your friends eyes (retaining the ability to return).

B. Delete Facebook account is slightly more complicated to make (and take a little more time, while making Facebook what it takes for you to come back).

The account deletion is only recommended if you wish to unsubscribe and definitely leave Facebook. You will lose all of your content, publications and friends.

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1. Stop Facebook (or at least limit yourself)

Before speaking unsubscribe already consider limiting your use. It’s not just Facebook in life

Whatever your motivation, here are some tips to limit and reduce your use of Facebook.

1. Delete the Facebook app and Facebook Messenger on your phone. You will earn 1 hour of daily life and stop being constantly seek to write, read, share. For that, nothing simpler: Uninstall Facebook on your phone to stop being constantly attracted notifications and requests for cats

2.. Use applications like Focus Booster to block distractions and notifications on your mobile when you have to work or review.

3. Use software like LeechBlock or ColdTurkey to block Facebook on your browser and block Facebook on your computer.

If you are here, you are definitely decided to leave Facebook. Let’s get serious.

2. Disable Facebook


If you want to leave Facebook and close your Facebook account without losing your data and allow you to return at any time, opt for deactivating your account. < / p>

to deactivate your account (off does not mean unsubscribe from Facebook):

1. Click “Settings” at the top right of your Facebook page or directly from this link.

2. Click “General” in the upper left (you should already be on it)
3. Locate the “Manage Account” section
4. Click “Edit” or directly on the disable link Facebook

5. Facebook will then ask you to enter your new password
6. Answer a few questions (you will miss terribly full of people … bouhhh).
8. Confirm your starting Facebook by clicking ” disable “

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once confirmed, the deactivation does not prevent you from coming back to Facebook. Facebook is not ready to let go of you.

Your profile and your name will not actually accessible or visible on Facebook, though it is not truly a delete account since Facebook will retain all your photos and all your connections with friends. Facebook will certainly also not remind you by email how it was great when you were there.

A simple connection to your account make you full access to your Facebook profile (and cancel disabling the account).

3. Unsubscribe Facebook (definitely)

Now if you want to delete your Facebook account completely and permanently – which implies delete your profile and your data, messages, pictures and videos historical – the second option is that of outright unsubscribe (mad you are, we have warned)

to unsubscribe from Facebook and permanently delete your Facebook account, simply.

1. Follow this link to unsubscribe: here
2. Click “Delete Account”: This procedure is irreversible and few are still there to witness what happens after unsubscribe

you get into an unknown area where your friends will call you to contact you and send you to your birthday cards to hear from you;)

once you press the “Delete account” button, you’re not quite unsubscribed.

Oh yes because not really.

During 14 days Facebook will do everything possible to get you back. If you click one of the links received different emails, your account deletion will be canceled and you will have to completely start over (and 14 days of waiting).

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Delete profile of a deceased person

a procedure exists if a close around you unfortunately died and want to remove the account.

simply click this link to get the instructions and the application form.

Save your personal information on Facebook (before leaving)

to backup your data Facebook (photos, messages, wall …) before you unsubscribe, there are two ways:

1. The first method is to click on “Settings” at the top right of the page as explained earlier this tutorial.

Then click “Download a copy of your data on Facebook” down the list of information.

validation request of your identity will be requested by email. Then you can download a ZIP file containing your photos, posts, your wall, your friends and many other data accumulated by Facebook.

2. The second method, more complicated, allows to call all of your Facebook personal data

You will need to provide it: Videos – Your personal data (name, date of birth, address , phone, uRL of your profile) – La law justifying your request: “Section 4 DPA + Art. 12 Directive 95/46 / EG “
– An ID

There is an email: datarequests@fb.com

Do not be contacted by Facebook

Logout of Facebook is a step but it is unfortunately not finished. If you want Facebook to delete the information about you in their database – such as your email address – so that you are not a Facebook user, you should make a declaration to the CNIL


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