10 Essential Functions From Facebook What You Should Know

Aaaah, Facebook, his lousy design, its multiple settings incomprehensible … So, many features are ignored as they can be very powerful. Here are 10 of the most interesting.

Limit the sharing of your information to anyone lists

You want to prevent your party pictures are before the eyes of your colleagues? Simply separate your “friends” (always a little trouble with that word on Facebook) into several distinct groups: Close, Top Office, Cannonballs … treat yourself, anything is possible

to do this, it’s simple … finally “single” on Facebook sauce on the top right of Account Manage friends list, the top Create a list, only to give him a name and click the future members of the

Then … hang on. to Account, Privacy settings, Custom tab in the left column, Customize settings down the table.

Here is the list of your small life items available on Facebook. Click right on button allowing you to choose who you want to share, and choose Customize. You there!

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By choosing “Some People”, you’ll be able to retain only one or more lists in particular to share, or otherwise hide your information. What a mess I swear.

To check if all works at the top of this page you have a small preview button of my profile, or you will see your profile can choose the very top or those for whom you want to see what happens.

Zappe the new photo viewer

you do not like the new photo viewer? To find the old version, simply reload the page once it appeared.

Removes applications than you used more

a force you up for a lot of services, many people with access to your Facebook information without your mindful thee. It’s time to clean house!

Go to Account, Privacy Settings, and then all the way down to Applications and websites. click on edit settings of applications you use. And now, it can be scary. Facebook has the good sense to tell you the last time you used these applications. When he said “There are more than 6 months,” I think you can safely delete

Two essential settings for secure access to your account

Come on, here we go again in the tortuous menus! (If you want to throw up, vomit in there: _ /). Account, Account Settings, Account Security.

Start by activating the https security, essential. In summary, this will limit the chances of you nab your logon password when you get connecteras to a public Wi-Fi.

Next, active notification by email when someone one connects from an unusual machine. A good way to know if someone logs into your account. You can even go further by asking to receive a security code via SMS.

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Customize the URL of your Facebook page

Do you have a beautiful URL www.facebook.com/bob.leponge style? What’s the point ? Inside you more easily on one hand, and …. what the hell, it’s just the

Make you simply https:. //Www.facebook. com / username / Checks availability, unfortunately if your name and surname are quite common, there is a good chance that the most common combinations are already taken, we must find an alternative. Note that once chosen, you will be able to return.

Download photos at full quality

Unless you follow the previous tip and you do not used the new drive, you will be much bothered to save a picture as before: no option “Save Image” available at right click. And because it will go to the bottom left and click Download. Practice …

Exports birthdays of your friends in your calendar

Unless you get CONNECTED everyday social network and follow scrupulously the dates birthday all your friends, it can be very convenient to add them to the calendar you use normally. Start by clicking on Events in the left column, then on the link Birthdays. At the bottom of the page you will find Export birthdays, which will give you a usable link on Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

Displays your notifications directly on your desktop

on Windows, you can simply open Internet Explorer 9 and attach the shortcut from Facebook to your taskbar. A red asterisk will appear each new notification.

On Mac, everything is available on this page.

Otherwise, if you use a network client social like TweetDeck, you can do so easily.

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Post on the wall several friends simultaneously

well, you already know that you can quote a friend in a typing status @ followed by his name? And now, citing several of them, your message appear on their walls.

New group features

Different lists, groups allow to see the specific statutes, create documents (in the right column of the band’s page), private chat …

to create one, it goes in left column, Create group.

So much for these little functions not necessarily known but indispensable Facebook. Do not hesitate to add your own tips in comments!

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