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When is a BtoB company, we do not think particularly to advertising on Facebook with a view to optimize its customer relationship or to generate new leads. Indeed, Facebook is generally reserved for non-professional use, and it seems irrelevant to seek BtoB customers via this network. However, several tools can allow us to effectively determine user profiles to target and message to communicate.

From a professional targeting personal targeting

the main problem regularly cited the launch of a campaign on Facebook BtoB, is the creation of precise targeting and adapted to the social network. Indeed, it is common for BtoB companies know precisely which sectors and professional positions to target … but far less personal profiles of the persons concerned!

Now, Facebook is (for now) more focused targeting of people through their hobbies or special interests: very few users learn about this social network specific professional elements. In addition, personal profile information is rarely updated. For example, yields an estimate audience of 3016 people registered as “Entrepreneur” in France (either too narrow a hearing to make a campaign) … and more than 45 million people a behavior equated to that of a business on the same social network leader (ie describing himself as an entrepreneur, owner of pages company, registered as a company, etc.). The potential number of prospects is therefore important … Too important! Here it is essential to focus on the only profiles that interest us.

Place a post targeting a behavioral targeting to reach a larger number of prospects

Choose the interests and behaviors to target

Know and define the behavior of its BtoB prospects on a personal social network is certainly the biggest challenge to achieve on a campaign Facebook. It is indeed necessary to expand its marketing vision, not his own business purpose, but to those of its different targets: what are they looking on the network, what vocabulary they use, how they define their needs

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in some cases, an extension of the terms will be necessary, in fact, some professional terms will be mistranslated on Facebook advertising tool, or ignored by our customers themselves.

Take the example of a company seeking to promote a virtual online helpdesk. This service enables particularly address the issues users an automated way, regardless of the media used. The objective of targeting would be to target people working in a service company and being urged by their audience to answer questions about the operation of their own product. Using the tool of Facebook planning, we have the ability to target people who have expressed an interest in the virtual assistance, online support, support services, etc. The audience here is very important (too much!), And there is a safe bet that most people who expressed interest … have actually done that using a virtual online helpdesk. They will therefore not interested in their advertising with the various features of such a tool

The issue is to identify the real “interest” of industry professionals. The terms that they use and the problems they encounter are such good indicators to find then the most relevant Facebook interest. In this same example, the use of monitoring tools of social networks (Talkwalker, Social Searcher, etc.) has allowed us to note that it was more appropriate to target people interested in the “Conversational Agents” that ” virtual assistants “. Indeed, in the articles online or on discussions related to this topic, industry professionals refer them to the term “chatbot” to describe this type of service … Facebook has translated the French tool, the term “conversational agent”.

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Social Searcher allows for example to search for hashtags and publications relating to a given term

But how to further refine its targeting , to promote its services to real prospects? To do this, Facebook provides a very powerful tool, simply entitled “Analytics”.

Refine the profile of your prospects on Facebook

Two elements allow to best identify the most attractive interest for his campaign: the company’s Facebook page and the audience of the website (via the creation of Facebook pixel). Like many analysis tools, the tool “Analytics” Facebook is able to define a standard profile of users of the site or page: age, sex, geographic location, etc. Regarding the data from the pixel data are collected from the time the user connects to the social network and so the link between the use of the site and the user’s social network.

However, this tool does not stop demographic information: it allows to know the distribution of users based on the interactions they have had, for example with one or more of the publications page. If the number of users is quite high, it also becomes possible to create user segments to combine various demographic and technological information with this type of information. Very useful for BtoC, this information is also important for companies in BtoB to target only those showing a real interest in your product. You can quickly exclude people who are not part of your targeting.

Analytics Facebook tool combines the information related to the pixel and your fanbase to provide precise information about your hearing

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from these segments, it is possible you target only people of a certain country and expressed an interest in the publications of your page on a given theme. You can then expand this targeting similar audiences with Facebook, allowing you to earn almost the same profile of people with your main target. Conversely, you can exclude people who have already expressed an interest in certain content, to push your sponsored content than to those still not convinced by your arguments.

Finally, tool calculates various activities “other” of these users on the social network: one of the interesting information to describe its ad targeting, especially for BtoB, is knowledge of other pages “beloved” of its users, and the categories to which they belong. The next step is to refine the set of advertisements by selecting categories of pages or specific interests related to these pages to reach similar profiles. Thus, for one of our customers, specializing in the technology industry, we were able to rapidly increase the number of registered prospects (+ 366% increase after 3 months campaign) with a range and a smaller budget, do targeting the categories and the most relevant interests in the business page of subscribers. These categories targeted were not necessarily related to the main business of the company, but to other areas of close activities or thematic information sites, customer unsung yet very playable on the countries that he wanted to target. The refinement of the campaign then gradually concentrated on similar hearings and / or custom profiles and targeted to expand gradually the basis of the company leads to more varied profiles.

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