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Need to change your name on Facebook? You made a mistake by writing your name when registering? Or, you just get married and you want to replace your maiden name to your spouse? Alex Serkysian, computer trainer for you shows the procedure to change the name on Facebook. Remember above all that change name on Facebook is limited to 5 times. The change is blocked when this limit is reached. If you have never changed your name, you can very well do by going first to your account settings. It sounds complicated to you? Simply follow our trainer in this special tutorial Facebook


Step 1:.. Finding an Option …


Step 2. change your name

Find the option in question proceed with the name change in Facebook is very simple. However, before you do this, you need to sign in with an email address and password on Facebook. Thus, only those who have Facebook accounts can do this. Once you are connected, you will be on the home page of your Facebook page. Orient yourself then in the preferences of Facebook. By clicking on the arrow at the top right of your screen, you choose the “Account Settings” menu. After clicking on this menu, you have a new page that opens up to you. In this page, you go to the line where is registered the “Name”. Just to the right of this column, click the “Edit” link.

Change your name A new window is presented with various information. In the window inscribed with the following menus: first name, middle name, last name, displayed as … to make changes to your name, the method is simple. Just click on the name. When the cursor flashes, delete the name that is registered and replace it with the name you want. To validate the name you typed, reregister your password in the box below reserved for this. To finish, it’ll just click on “save changes”. Now, your name has been changed. You can do as much as you want. This then allows you to carry the name you want on Facebook, it is as much fantasy.

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