Delete a Facebook Account – How to remove?

Since its inception, Facebook is the subject of much controversy regarding compliance with user privacy but not that. Facebook uses personal information of its users to display targeted advertisements tailored to their profile, as does Google btw. The social network also sells the information provided by users to private companies, as specified in its charter regarding privacy. Unfortunately this is not limited to this:

In June 2013, following the revelations of Edward Snowden in PRISM case, it appears that Facebook has worked with NSA, giving free access to all the data of all users. A few days after these revelations, the former guarantor of data protection Facebook was hired by the NSA, as announced The New York Times.

It also recently emerged that Facebook realized for a week extensive experience of its members without that they are warned. This experiment was to change the content displayed on the timeline of each topic to see if emotions can spread without any physical interaction and if so how. In total 683 003 members who have served as guinea pigs. Kept secret until June 2014, this study has provoked an outcry, as it has proven the ability of social networks to handle the crowds …

Note that on 1 April 2015, a study commissioned by the Commission to protect the privacy of Belgium indicated that Facebook was accused of tracking users even outside of Facebook, and this also applies to users having no Facebook account … How? thanks to the like button or other plugins like this which is found on almost all websites.

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It was also reported that Facebook deliberately manipulates the information you see, especially on political issues, this was confirmed in May 2016 by former employees of Facebook who indicated that the firm deliberately departed the subject conservative Popular content. Unlike other subjects are highlighted manually.

In March 2018, the world discovered that Cambridge Analytica company specializing in strategic communication, recovered without consent data 50 million Facebook users to develop software to predict and influence the votes of electors. These data were collected via an application of psychological tests downloaded by 270,000 users of the social network, which then provided them illegally. The revelation of the affair has reduced by 7% the Facebook action at the New York Stock Exchange on March 19, 2018. Network users launched the hashtag #DeleteFacebook “Delete Facebook” in French.

You want to delete a Facebook account permanently and leave no trace on the social network?

This is now possible since July 2010 following the publication of an article very critical of the New York Times Facebook to set up a procedure to remove his account that was recently further simplified.

Know before deleting your Facebook account, you can recover a copy of part of your information stored on the social network. These data include information in your account, your personal history, as well as those of your newspaper, shared publications, “likes”, messages, photos, etc …. They also incorporate information that you do not have access directly to the site, such as advertisements on which you clicked and the IP addresses from which you connected to FB. However please note that according to the group Europe versus Facebook, this copy contains 22 of the 35 categories of data that Facebook has collected about you …

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To retrieve the information as follow:

1. Click on the top right of any Facebook page and click Settings.
2. Then click Download a copy of your data on Facebook in the General tab (the first).
3. . Finally, click the Create button my archive
delete his Facebook account:

First you must visit this page:

to delete his Facebook


And then 3 clicks are needed to permanently delete your Facebook account:

1 – Click the Delete button my account:

2 – Confirm the security check with your password

3 – Confirm delete Facebook and withdrawal period

delete the Facebook account of a friend or family member

Facebook to delete the account of a member of his own family or a friend is mentally or physically unable to suppress his own Facebook account. Facebook also allows deleting an account of a deceased person.

Delete the Facebook account of a child who is under 13 years

Facebook required to have at least 13 years old to register on its social network. So they may automatically delete the account of any child whose age is lower if you request it. Just indicate the child’s name, first name, age and real URL of the Facebook log on the form accessible via the button below.

Application deleting a Facebook account of a child under 13 years

Delete the Facebook account of a person unable to do

it is possible to request a removal of a sick, injured or unable to remove his own account by accessing the form via the button below. You will need to enter his name and surname, his newspaper link, your name and your relationship to that person (father, mother, etc.). You will also need to provide identification documents to protect the privacy of the person for whom you ask an account deletion. Once Facebook has verified this information, the account will be deleted.

Account deletion request Facebook on behalf of someone else

Delete the Facebook account of a deceased person

Facebook allows deleting account for deceased individuals from parents, including account deletion requests from a deceased loved one.
You will need to enter your name and surname, those of the deceased with their email address could have been used to create the account and the uRL of the profile page. You will then need to indicate your relationship to the deceased and sending a document such as a death certificate, the deceased’s birth certificate and a legal certificate proving that you are the legitimate representative of the deceased or his property.

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