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In the left column of Facebook, there is a menu along with multiple sections. Favorites, Applications, Interest, Friends, Groups, Lists, etc.

You can customize this long menu quick access to messages, to photos, to pages, groups, lists or applications, as well as the sections you visit most often.

By default, three elements are present favorites: Wire news, messages and Events

Add Bookmark

You can add to the favorites (top menu) a. link to a page that you are an administrator, a group to which you are registered, an application that you have installed or one of your friends list.

to do this, look in the menu left Facebook the link you want to include in the list, move your mouse to the left, click the icon in the form of gear and select Add to favorites.

If that element you want to include will not appear in the left column, hover over the title of the section to which it belongs and click the More link.

Facebook will show you the complete list of items you can add. Place your mouse on the right link you want to include, click the icon of a gear wheel and select Add to Favorites.

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