Facebook Wants to Help You Sell In Groups

By the beginning of the year, I referred to a study by Jana who put forward the fact that Facebook is the preferred dating site (and before Badoo Match) for some users in emerging markets.

Yes, Facebook is used for many things. And if users of Aveyron use of social network groups to signal speed cameras (a nod to Waze), others use this feature to sell things, as if it was the Bon Coin. < / p>

in any case, this use some particular functionality does not seem to displease Facebook. And if one believes that some users report, he hears even encourage

Indeed, social network users have noticed a new type of publication in a few groups. ” Sell ​​something “. The user is invited to inform the item for sale, price, description, images and information on delivery.

The publication once shared looks like this, with a new format that seems optimized for selling on Facebook.

the change is aesthetic and Facebook is still not responsible for the sales in groups. The number of social networks has also confirmed that this test does occur in some groups.

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