Find, Add and Remove From Friends / Create A Group

It’s easy with Facebook as the site offers when you register a list of people you may know. You can import from your contact list after your email. The people to whom you regularly write an email and are on Facebook will be offered.

If you lack friends or family, then click the Friends option left column under your profile, and choose Edit friends list. Click Friends and you can do a specific search by school name, company name, by interest, by place of birth or place of residence.

Always on this page, you can invite friends who are not on Facebook.

Create a list of friends

you can also create a list of friends. This will serve you to send messages to a group, without having to send everyone the same message. To do this, click the button, choose a name for the list of friends, and members who are part of your contacts and click the Create button a list of friends.

A list of friends and especially you also used to assign specific privacy settings for each. So you can tell your friends list who are actually working knowledge will not have access to such information from your profile (for example your news feed). And it works the other way. If your religious views, for example, only to a specific group of friends, you can choose to give this information to a list of friends particular well.

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Collect its friends in a group

You can create discussion groups members. For this, click on the Create a group in your profile. Select the group name, the members and the confidentiality of the discussions. After creating the group, you get a special page for the group where everyone can discuss and exchange information.

Delete friend

If you want to remove a friend from your list, click again on the friend button under your profile page. Then make sure to be on the Friends option in the left column, then choose Show All Friends. It remains only to click on the delete button next to the friend you want to delete.

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