How And Why Making Of Advertising On Facebook?

In fact besides being one of the most used social networks, Facebook offers the possibility to realize very quickly and cost an advertisement via its flyers.

The benefits Facebook advertising: Holiday disadvantages of Facebook advertising
key advertisements rejection criteria on Facebook: Holiday tips for your ads on Facebook

the benefits of advertising on Facebook:

– Create buzz without paying the display via a payment CPC
– Touching 7 million. ‘registered in France
– Giving an image pattern of its products and its business
– Use a media with an interesting ROI (CPC 0.08 is possible for most advertisements)
-. the social actions that show that your contacts clicked on an advertisement, which offers the possibility of using the recommendation through third parties.

the disadvantages of advertising on Fac ebook

– Touch little older and especially resistant to new technologies
– Paying for many “false clicks” between the number of clicks on Facebook and your visits there is a strong difference that is not exclusively explained by a charging time too long
– do not be able to target as effectively as Google Adwords. it is not possible to choose to appear for ultra targeted keywords ( eg not “purchase software”)
– Some design changes to the Facebook page that affect the visibility of the ad, which can strongly influence the visibility of your ads

<.. p> the graph below shows that visitors from Facebook are “worse” than the visitors brought by Google Adwords: Videos – less of page views / visits (1.58 / 2, 19)
– less time spent on the page: 0.37 against 1.36
– a rate of more significant rebound (75% against 50%)

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key rejection criteria advertising on Facebook:

– Put uppercase each start word or the entire word. The first word of each sentence can contain a capital letter and all names, personal names, place, city, geographic region or country, but not the common names!. It is for example possible to use the word free if your service really is, not the word capitalized (FREE)
. – Use of slang or texting … because Facebook required by the rules the French as well as punctuation

tips for your ads on Facebook.

– the CTR is the major factor that will make or not the success of your ad, your ad should definitely make them want to click! We must therefore optimize first image advertising and title because they are the key elements for a good click through rate

-. Very slight increases in CPC can have an immediate effect … Feel free to do the fine tuning suddenly € 0.02

– Warning: everyone does not fulfill his status, his passions … for example all French Facebook is 7 million, but the sum of single married + + + betrothed couple is only 4 million

– It is essential to use an amazing and unique image for good click through rate. To this we must use the photo sales sites (eg Shopping …) and make a drastic selection

– We must create several times the same ad with different targeting (eg. A generic word golf key and golf on the 40+ years …) and visual to cover the market and not be forced to increase your CPC on too generic terms to get a good CTR. Please allow at least 3 to 4 variations per ad (note: it will pay a higher CPC for ads)

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– Apply the same rules as with Google Adwords. Short-do impacting, ask a question, wonder, put a sense of urgency, use the emotional and factual aspect aspect, prepare a landing page with the reminder of the offer and the proposed order, make sure that your entire budget n is not spent in the middle of the day, lower the CPC according to the results …

– Make Give to Get / sale in 2 phases: first the offer “free” (quizzes, free ebook, sample …) to get the most clicks, and then only sell its product

-. See what competitors are doing, imitate and do better (image, ad …). To do this, simply click on the “Next” button advertisements to see what the other advertisers, while “More advertisements” at the bottom of the results

-. If advertising is not accepted the first time while it respects the basic rules, then try making small changes because it depends on the person who validates ads (note: must be between 1 and 8 to approve an ad) .

– the first hours of a new ad are essential if your CTR is low, then it will be buried … it is necessary to launch its advertising when the target uses Facebook (eg evening for students, for lunch for employees or after 20h)

. – Use geo-targeting a radius around a given city (new feature)


in conclusion Facebook is a good tool to build awareness and drive traffic to complement other tools of eMarketing. Its ease of use, low cost, and its target is a tool that will become essential in the months to come.

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