How to Change Your Facebook Name

Now, many became actifs.cyberespace users, but there are people who are enrolled in any social network. In Western countries, Facebook emerged a long time and he mastered our users. However, after the relatively simple functionality for using the same VKontakte or Odnoklassniki, Facebook has become something irresistibly difficult. And as soon as people to register in the first question to them is: “How do I change my name on Facebook?”. And indeed, in relation to other social networks, it is difficult to change something in the personal information. Even the parameters themselves are somewhat hidden to the naked eye and, if you experience this social network for the first time, you may not always notice them.

Change Settings user Facebook

so if you have an error in your name Oules family names, of course, you have to think how to change your Facebook name. After all, even an incorrect letter can be the reason why you will not find friends, well, or you will be less comfortable. And regarding direct changes personal settings, you need to know:

1 As soon as you enter this social network, the first thing you see is a news feed. Here, your friends will publish everything they think, will send photos and stuff. And curiously, here, you will not understand how to change the name on Facebook. Your task is to find your personal settings.

2 Many will see their avatar and their name in the top left corner, tap it in the hope that everything can now be corrected. But by clicking on your name you want to fix, you go to your own page. And here is your wall, where are your photos, recordings and comments of friends on this occasion. Here it is also unlikely that you learn to change the name on Facebook. In this section, you can replenish your personal information by clicking on links such as “where you studied,” “where we live”, “we work”, etc.

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But 3 if you pay attention to the top panel, which is not particularly remarkable, then you certainly will see in the upper right corner “my name and surname,” “find friends”, “main”, there will be a little too unhappy arrow. It therefore answers the question of how to change the name on Facebook.

General Account Setup or rename

Once you find the arrow and click it, you have a list that includes the following: “Advertising”, “account settings”, “Privacy”, “Logout” and “Help”. And, apparently, it is not necessary to have a kind of supernatural sense to understand what to choose from this list. Therefore, the following steps to change the name on Facebook are:

1. Click “Account Settings”.

2. The page is updated at home and the inscription “General Account Settings” is quite expected.

3. You can see the following indicators: name, username, email, password, community and language. In front of each of these indicators, there is an “Edit” button.

4 In deciding how to change your Facebook name, you will immediately see that the service offers to change your first name, first and last name. And, no less pleasantly, this social network application how to display the name and surname. You should also pay attention to the fact that you can add an alternative name that all users will see.

5 Once you have corrected everything and that okay, just below the service asks enter your password in a special window. This is for identification so that someone else does not change your name. Enter the password, click a little lower on the “Save” button. Update the page and you probably know by now how to change the name on Facebook.

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Many users who registered DanSCe network and paid attention to the features of the interface, the drop often for the benefit of another because of the complexity. However, everything is much simpler than it appears at first sight.

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