How to Create Your Company Page On Facebook In 8 Steps

Join the millions of trademarks in Facebook should be a priority for every small business. Facebook is an active meeting place for finding potential customers and contact them. Connect directly to users, discover their habits and tailor your ads to your audience.

8 steps to create your corporate Facebook page

Before to benefit from these features, you must communicate with excellent corporate Facebook page. Social networks are a real bridge to a sustainable customer relationships. The informal nature of Facebook allows you to show the human side of your business. As soon as people start to follow you online, you will have a steady source of leads and traffic. You will find below a guide through steps for setting up your corporate Facebook page.

1. Create your Facebook business page

To begin, you must have a personal Facebook account. You can create multiple business pages, but they must all be linked to a single personal account. When connected, click on “Create” (the icon represented by the plus sign “+”) in the upper right corner. Select the button “Page” to access your business page creation section.

2. Complete the information on your page

After selecting “Page” of your business page will appear empty and left to find a window “Create Page”. Start to fill in information about your business with the following fields:

Create a page name. Use the name of your company, your brand, your organization or a name that describes the page.
Choose a category. Enter a type of business, organization or topic that aptly reflects your page. You can add up to three categories.
Write a description. Describe what makes your business and consider this as a section “About us”. More importantly, tell your potential clients what services or products you provide. Be brief, the character limit is 255 characters.
3. Choose your brand visual

The image and brand choice can from the start influence the success or failure of a business page. This is why it is wise to use strong visuals to assert a personality and create an emotional connection. Grab your audience with profile pictures and interesting cover.

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After completing the information on your page, click on the record button and picture frames will appear in the same window under your company’s information. You will need to choose two images: a profile photo and cover photo

Your profile photo is the perfect place to display your company logo in order to get the best results. research. Facebook often modifies the recommendations for photos, so be sure to use the most current size. Since September 2020 the recommended size for the profile photo to Facebook is at least 170 x 170 pixels.

The cover photo is a unique opportunity to put your mark under fire projectors. Click the “Add a cover photo” and use the picture that best represents your business page activities. If you like your corporate culture, why not take a picture of your brand held a team? The recommended size for a Facebook photo coverage is at least 1640 pixels wide by 856 pixels high.

As soon as you add a photo to each box, click on the blue button “Save”.

4. Add more information about your business

In the left window “Managing the page,” scroll down and select “Edit details”. A window will appear on the right side of the screen and you can add more detailed information about your business.

If applicable to your business, the “Edit Info” you will to learn a lot of information about your business. Here are the fields you can choose to fill:

Create a username. This user name is also custom URL for your professional Facebook page. Ideally, it should look like your company name. As for the creation of a domain name, it is more difficult to get an exact match if the company name is too common.
Add coordinates. Include your phone number, email address and / or your website depending on how you want customers contact your company.
Add the place where your business is located. If necessary, add your business address, city, postal code and / or additional details about the location.
Delineate your service area. Create a list of neighborhoods, regions or cities where your company can provide services or deliveries. Page Choose your hours. Provide customers with the best days and times to contact your company.
temporary services Landscaping. This is a useful option when you add new services or change services that could affect customers.
Add more information. You can choose to add a link to your privacy policy, legal notices, specific products or information that could be useful to your business.
Indicate your price range. This allows customers to evaluate the potential budget for services or products.
Lier other social networking accounts. Add other social networks like Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to reach other customers.
5. Add a call to action button

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Designing your Facebook page around a call to action (CTA) is a smart way to encourage conversions. If everything on your page subtly pushes visitors to a goal, you will have a better chance of a deal.

Click the “Add a button” under the cover photo to see the list of CTA. Choose from options such as:

– Make an appointment
– Call
– More
– Order room

– register
– Get quote
– Send message
– Watch video
– play this game
– Using the application
– Buy
ACTs are perfect to promote local businesses. The social aspect of the site motivates users to take action when they see what their peers. Imagine potential customers see their friends make a purchase, order food or download your application. They will be more likely to follow your business page or to act directly.

6. Create photo and video reports

Fill your profile with photo albums that tell a story about the experiences you deliver. Pictures of your products, your facility and your experiences can elicit positive outlook among new customers. And the fact of identifying persons or key elements in your photos promotes the engagement of people who love to have your business.

Under the “About” on your Facebook page, click on “Photos” and then select “View all” to add photos. Concentrate on the most attractive features of your business. And ask yourself the following questions:

– Have you attractive infrastructure
– Is your decorating fun, trend, historical or thematic
– What are your unique products or items in your catalog
– Do you spend much time interacting with customers
– need to promote seasonal events or your brand?
You can use the same strategies and post videos related to your business.

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7. Prevent clients, friends and family

To start your business profile, ask your supporters to like your page. Encourage your customers to publish and identify photos they have taken in your company if they wish. The fact that other people create links to your page puts your business in front, which is the ultimate goal.

Finally, make sure to add the buttons “J ‘ like “and” subscribe “to your website and your online profiles. After all, you want everyone to show some love to your business.

8. Choose and customize your settings

Having quickly settle your settings can help you control who sees or publish on your page. Click the “Settings” button in the sidebar “Manage page” to open a panel of options detailed. From this dashboard, you can establish visibility restrictions, such as age or country. You can also decide the degree of freedom available to other users to send you messages or identify your page in their media.

View all tabs in the sidebar “Page Settings” to enable or disable features as needed. Here are some of the main options:

– Moderation and insults filter
– Mail
– Models and tabs
– Management and ranking comments
– Notification of activity
– Applications partners and Instagram
Association – Accepting payments
– Calendars and appointments -you
– automatic translation
functionality “page Roles” is particularly important and interesting. If several of your employees can access the page, you can assign them roles to limit their actions. This is useful to avoid accidental publications or modifications on the wrong page.

Start promoting your business

There is still a lot to learn before to become a marketing guru on Facebook. The site offers innumerable options to monitor subscriber activity or target advertisements based on their interests. However, the creation of a corporate Facebook page is a good starting point to reach new audiences. Cross this first hurdle will open a world of new possibilities adapted to small businesses and the development of their brand.

A strong presence on social networks is part of a marketing plan well planned online. Make sure to redirect traffic from Facebook to a professional website.

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