How to Open 2 Facebook accounts Different Even In A Browser?

How to open 2 different Facebook accounts in the same browser?

Discover a trick to simultaneously access two different Facebook accounts in the same browser. Materials:. The Chrome browser and an Internet connection

As well tell you right away if the trick works for Facebook, it can equally be applied to other online services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Twitter, Google+, iCloud … and many others.

2 different accounts in the same browser

Because as browsers evolve, they offer regularly new features to meet the concerns of Internet users. Simultaneous access to different user accounts is one of these.

For this we will use the users of the Google Chrome browser profiles. Each profile will open a personal account.

Because each user profile has its own settings, its own cookies, history, favorites and extensions, you can easily connect a Facebook account from a profile, and another from a profile B.

Chrome profile and connect to Facebook

Depending on the operating system you use, you’re going to find:

– in the Chrome menu and then in the Preferences if you are running Mac OS
– in Settings from the Customize button and configure Google Chrome ( right) if your computer runs Windows

in the 2 cases, you then need to click on the Privacy section. This is where you can add and edit user

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Once your 2 created profiles, you can switch from one to the other through this area.

As you can see on the picture above, the switches between two accounts (or more) will be easy

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