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Several versions of Facebook have followed in recent years, and the rules have changed … sometimes discreetly. Do you know for example that is able to see your Facebook friends on the net? Only your friends or anyone on the Internet? Here’s how to make sure, and possibly restrict the exposure of your private life

Facebook is a social network with variable geometry. You can choose to show your personal information (photos, statuses, friends, etc.) in a very small circle, or rather to the world. If you believe that your privacy is watching you, your family or your friends, so why not go check your Facebook account is set as well? Especially an adjustment made years ago may now be obsolete, if you’re past a Facebook version to another without much looking at the details.

As the Facebook interface is not always more ergonomic (sic), here’s how to access the settings for the visibility of your friends list (the other visibility options are in “Privacy settings”).

See the full list of Facebook friends

once logged into your Facebook account, point your mouse to the left column. In the overview of the “Friends”, the word “Plus” appears. . Click on

On the page that appears, click the “Show All Friends”

Enjoy it possible to clean spring, and delete some “irrelevant friends”: the one you do not know, who does connect to most since 2008, the one who tried to seduce your darling (e), etc.

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Set the degree of visibility of your Facebook friends list

from the page that shows the complete list of your friends, click “Edit”. A small window will appear:

Click the small icon consists of 2 silhouettes and a down arrow to open the drop-down menu:

Choose the option that suits you best:

– Public: your friends list is visible to everyone (not recommended)
– friends. your friends list will can be viewed only by Facebook friends
– only me. no one can see who is friends with you on the social network
– Customize. choose to show your friends list to friends of friends ( it gets complicated is not it), or only to specified groups (eg! family, colleagues, etc.). It is also possible to prevent a particular friend to visit your friends list.

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