How You Know Who Removed From A Facebook – Korben

If you are addicted to Facebook, I guess LIKE EVERYONE, it itches you know who are the bastards that break this magic and stop being your ‘friend’ virtual overnight?

Well, my Facebook, I do not use too much, but I know that some attach great importance to this. It’s almost a mental illness !!

Maybe you constantly monitor which are the cads who stop to be your friend on Facebook for not inviting you, not them render service to send anonymous emails to insult, calling their mom at night and imitate Homer Simpson before hanging up or go cut the son of their ADSL connection a full moon, howling like a wolf that would not not seen his annual installment of Twilight.

good psychopath, you check it all by hand, day after day … and you tired !! It makes you very nervous and paranoid, and you’re going to create fake account to continue to spy on your old friends.

Do you tire more band nerds! I have a great Greasemonkey script for you that works on all browsers and that will add into your Facebook menu, a new option called “Friends and less.”

This extension is Unfriend Finder, and it automatically scans your Facebook friends list when you log in to the site. And if one of your friends is missing, the script reports on you in this menu, but in the recent notifications.

This script is not radioactive or retroactive so it will wait a few days to see the first rats jump ship. To test this extension more effectively, I would propose such insulting publicly (on the wall) one of your past girlfriends met at Scout camp, for it bar. You see, it is very effective!

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And if persecute friends no longer enough? So go further with Unfriend Finder and flush out people to whom you sent invitations to be friends, and who declined them or have never responded.

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