Search Photos What Somebody To Likées On Facebook

In 2013, Facebook launched its search engine Graph Search. In previous articles we discussed the fact that it allowed to make requests as interesting or disturbing “messages from my friends who talk about Game of Thrones,” “posts from Facebook employees, the premises of Google “or” message Paul Smith in April 2010 “.

But the most worrying perhaps is the fact that there is a search engine feature that lets you search photos a Facebook profile has loved.

If you use the French version of Facebook, it is possible that you have not yet access to certain features.

But if you choose the language of Shakespeare, you will normally do the research “Photos Liked by [the name of a Facebook profile].” There, the social network, you will show pictures that profile has loved. For the association, it also enough to make the request “Post liked by [the name of a Facebook profile] ‘.
We tend to forget, but every time we click on the button” J love, “the social network keeps that information. And also research mentioned above can be made by anyone, since you do not need to be friends with the person you are going to monitor.

However, search results are limited to public photos and those to which you have authorized access (through the various links of friendship). At the same time, it means you do not really have control over the results (except die-likant). Yet, as demonstrated researchers at the University of Cambridge, this information can be used to compile psychological profiles.

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