The People Dont You Spy On Account On Facebook Can they Really Do Not Know The?

By dint of seeing the Internet for people to worry about, a journalist Vice Meghan Neal, wanted to investigate: the people you spy on Facebook, old high school friends that we have not talked since 10 years but the night looking at pictures to wonder if they have become beautiful / happy / wealthy / fulfilled did they really no way to know?

related this, this other: why some names they appear in places on Facebook? How consists Box 9 names (new “friends”) that appears at the top of your profile, for example? Since it is obviously not always the last people with whom you have exchanged

How are ordained names in the chat, when they appear without you having nothing selected

Facebook told Vice that the 9 names box is “a relevant group of friends, which aims to be a useful incentive for the user.” Journalist translated “these are people with whom you algorithm subtly encouraged to interact.” There are another five years, the site was examining three factors to understand the interaction of its users. The amount of these interactions, their nature and date

Today, the algorithm which is constantly evolving uses machine learning (he learns that harvest data) and “takes into account thousands of factors to determine social interaction between people.”

How rule of “real name” on Facebook profiles put the life of an Indian feminist endangered

reporter Vice has created a fictitious profile, added friends, and spied some more than others. She then tried to assess ( “when very few scientific experiments”) how espionage of this or that reverberated in the presentation of his page. Including in the presentation of its page views by his “friends”.

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“I’ve realized that the people I was inclined to spy is always found in some places-not in box of new friends, but suggestions from Facebook about who I should include in my list “close friends” “or in the top search bar.


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actually n ‘anyone visiting your profile could derive information. Facebook leaves very little to chance and the names found in different locations correspond mostly to interactions that they, or you have initiated. The good news is that this information is so complicated to decipher the algorithm is so complex that no one can tell whether such friends appear in such a place because you’ve spied, tagged, you have spoken to them, that they spied you, or you have posted similar things on your profiles and Facebook wants you interagissiez then you have not done yet. For it is somehow the ultimate goal: maximize interactions. To maximize the data, and the money that follows.

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