The Ultimate Guide To Videos On Facebook

Creating videos on Facebook can be tricky, especially because there are many different requirements for each video slot. We have researched and gathered all the information you need in an ultimate guide videos on Facebook! In this article, we will cover:

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Video Facebook newsfeed

carousel Video Advertisements Facebook

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Facebook video collection Advertisements

Facebook instant article Videos

Gallery Videos “in-stream” Facebook < / h2>

marketplace videos Facebook

Gallery Videos Stories Facebook

Gallery Videos suggested by Facebook

Gallery Videos Facebook Messenger

1. Videos Facebook News Feed

“of news feed on Facebook videos” are videos on your profile, which can then appear in your friends’ news feeds or your fans and be shared. These videos range and less organic than paid advertisements commitment, but they are still necessary. For example, when users search for the name of your brand on Facebook or Google, they find your profile to be content with your business or product, and what better way to quickly get the message that an attractive video! Users who view your profile from a Direct are more likely to watch your longer videos because they come with the intention to learn more about you.

Best practices for Facebook news Feed video

Legends video: optional, but recommended

Dimensions video of Facebook news Feed

the news feed of Facebook videos can be either in portrait, landscape or square.

The accepted appearance ratios are 16: 9 (wide screen), 1: 1 (square), 4: 5 (vertical), 2: 3 (vertical) or 9:16 (complete picture). Note that the videos full portrait can be hidden by 2: 3 (black bars top and bottom) on mobile

ratio recommended Clipchamp. 1: 1 (square ) or 16: 9 (widescreen)

the square footage does not take as much space as in portrait videos and they look great, as well as on mobile. . computer

video Format for Facebook news Feed

recommended size in Clipchamp for export: 1080p resolution .

Facebook recommend downloading the video with the highest resolution available, while respecting the limits of ratio and file size.

video Styles of Facebook news Feed

videos over Facebook news are ideal for longer content. Here is a sample video model wire Facebook News that you can easily customize with a personal message.


2. Video Advertisements carousel

carousel videos allow you to submit up to 10 images or videos in a single ad, each with its own link. You can highlight different products present specific details or tell a story that develops on each carousel map.

Best practices for video carousel

minimum number of cards: 2

maximum number of cards. 10

maximum size of the video file. 4 Go

maximum image file size: 30 MB

Length video: 240 minutes

< h2>
video Format carousel

recommended resolution by Clipchamp: 1080p

image file type: jpg pNG

type of video file: MP4 or MOV

carousel in the video dimensions

Ratio recommended by Clipchamp: 1: 1 (square)

Ratios supported: 1: 1 (square) or 16: 9 (wide screen)

popular video carousel Facebook

This is a sample video can be used for an announced e carousel on Facebook.


3. Video Advertisements collection

Collection is a visual and immersive advertising format with a main video followed by several product images. When a user clicks on the video advertising, it enjoys shopping experience a full-screen in the application.

Best practices for the collection of video

Here are some Clipchamp settings we recommend:


aspect Ratio 16: 9 (widescreen) < / p>

max. Video file: 4GB

Video Formats: .MOV and .MP4 (Clipchamp exports to MP4)

. Popular styles collection of video on Facebook

would look like a collection of video advertising on Facebook. Personalize this template to create an ad balances for your next promotion.

facebook video collection template

4. Instant Facebook

What’s For

“Facebook instant Items” are interactive items optimized for mobile phones, fast-loading, published on Facebook. Publishers can choose to place advertisements in their instant products. Your audience will see your ad when they read these articles.

Video Dimensions Flash article

The format can be in landscape, portrait or square. < / p>

accepted image formats are: 16: 9 (wide screen), 1: 1 (square), 4: 5 (vertical), 2: 3 (vertical) and 9 : 16 (complete picture)

. Note: vertical videos can be hidden in a ratio of 1: 1.

best practices for video snapshot item

recommended resolution: download the video with the highest resolution available in accordance with the file size limits and ratio

video file size. 4 GB max

video Format Flash item

popular video instant Styles section

This sample Flash video product model is the ideal video to promote your next sales for the St. Day!

now-a Article-template

5. Video “in-stream” Facebook

The videos “in-stream” are 5 video commercials to 15 seconds and displayed in the middle of videos known publishers and creators of innovative digital that adapt their content to Facebook hearings

best practices for video in-stream

video file Size:.. 4 GB max

Length video: 5 to 15 seconds

Legends video: en

his video: optional, but strongly recommended

in-stream video format

video dimensions in-stream

recommended Clipchamp: 16: 9 (widescreen)

Styles. Popular video in-stream

Here’s an example of in-stream video template made with Clipchamp, ideal for a restaurant or advertising in restaurants!


6. Facebook

marketplace videos

Facebook market place The videos are displayed as a sponsored post on Facebook instead of market (a platform for users to buy and sell products)

best practices for video marketplace

minimum video length. 1 second

maximum video Length: 240 minutes

Legends video: unsupported

his video: optional, but recommended

text: 125 characters

video Format square market

Facebook recommend downloading the video with the highest resolution available in accordance with the file size limits and ratio.

dimensions marketplace of video

recommended Clipchamp: 1: 1 (square)

. Note: vertical videos (with an appearance ration supérieu r 2: 3) can be hidden in. 2: 3

popular video Styles market place

This is a example video marketplace model, perfect for a fitness activity!


7. Facebook Stories

Stories Facebook are full-screen videos that appear at the top of the news feed. Advertisements may appear between the Stories views by user

Best Practices for Video Stories Facebook

Video file size. 4 GB max.

Length video: 1 to 15 seconds (users can move / skip commercials)

video Legends. : unavailable

video: optional

video Format Stories Facebook

recommended size in Clipchamp for export: 1080p

Facebook recommends a minimum of 500p in width and height

recommended video formats: MP4, MOV (Clipchamp still exports to MP4, but you can not convert your videos compatible with video converter Clipchamp)

dimensions. video Stories Facebook

the accepted image formats are 16: 9 (widescreen), 1: 1 (square), 4: 5 (vertical), 2: 3 (vertical ) and 9:16 (complete picture).

ratio recommended Clipchamp: 9:16 (complete picture)

Note for videos in format smaller than 9:16.: gradient colored bars are displayed at the top and bottom. The contents of the “Text” field under the video.

You have to consider letting about 14% (250 pixels) on the top and bottom of the video without text or logo in order to avoid covering these key elements with the profile icon or action button. This means that if your video is 1080 × 1920, make sure that key elements appear in a secure area in 1080 × 1420.

popular video Styles Stories Facebook

This is a sample video Stories model, perfect for a fashion video advertising!


8. Video suggested by Facebook

Once a user has read a video on Facebook, others suggested videos play automatically after the video. You can insert video ads between these suggested videos.

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