To access Filtered Messages On Facebook Messenger – How it Works

By default, messages sent on Messenger by people who are not your Facebook friends are filtered and hidden. Fortunately, you can find them to know who you wrote and do not miss an important contact.

To the filtered messages on the web version of Messenger
Access the filtered messages on the mobile version of Messenger

Messenger lets you chat with your Facebook contacts, but also with other users. When a person who is not friends with you on Facebook wrote to you on Messenger for the first time, his message is not in your usual discussions: he moved automatically in another section of Messenger and you do not receive notification . These are “filtered messages,” which also include spam or advertising pages. If this feature is useful to avoid the unknown intrusions, it can also make you miss potentially important messages. It is therefore advisable to consult these messages regularly, as well as the section dedicated to spam to your mailbox. The handling differs depending on whether you use the web version of Facebook Messenger or mobile, but it is very simple.
Note that notifications are then displayed normally as soon as you start to talk to a user who don ‘ not friend with you
go to filtered messages on the web version of Messenger

-. with your Web browser, go to Facebook and log in with your usual login information if you do not automatically access your account
. – Click the icon discussion bubble-like messages at the top right of any page
. – A dropdown menu opens with a list of all your discussions. On top of this menu, click Invitations

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-. Click Show filtered messages. The list of hidden messages is displayed below

To the filtered messages on the mobile version of Messenger

-. Open the Messenger application on your smartphone
. – Click your profile photo at the top left of the interface
. – A self topic opens

– Click on Announcements by messages
. – The heading Invitations by messages opens. It defaults to the section named YOU KNOW MAYBE. Click to see more SPAM filtered messages.

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