What are indexers in SEO, how indexers work

Many SEO beginners might see the words “indexer” or “indexing service” all over the SEO forums but no one really explains what is an indexer or how it works. In this article we will tell you what are indexers in SEO, how indexers work and benefits of indexers in SEO.

What is index or indexing in SEO

Before going to the indexer we must how what is “index” in terms of SEO. Let say you have a website, and google may have crawl to your website, but it doesn’t show your site on Search Result Page (SERPs), which means your site is not indexed yet.

So indexing is the process of a Search Engine’s bots (such as Google’s bots) go to a website, read and store all the information of your website in its database and show it on the Search Result Page*.

To check if a website and an URL is indexed by Google or not you can use this tip:

  • Search google with “site:yourdomain”  or “site:your_url” if there is any result in the SERP showing, it means that domain or URL is indexed by Google.
  • For example: you want to check if this URL is indexed by Google: https://cnn.com/2020/10/05/politics/trump-secret-service-trip

what is indexing in SEO

This mean that URL is indexed. Remember you have to strip the  “https://” while doing the check.

  • Another example of checking index for a domain. For example this domain: grimstonegame.com

why link is not indexed

You see, this mean this domain is not indexed by Google. For this website, it is because the owner give up the domain and the domain has lost for years, It might used to have content but now it is not live so Google deindexed all the results.

How long does it take for Google to index any links or backlinks?

The time it takes for Google to find your backlinks will vary based on many factors. If the backlinks are placed on websites that are crawled frequently they will have a higher likelihood to be found faster and thereby indexed quicker. This can happen as quickly as 1 minute and as long as 1 month depending on how accessible the links are able to be found from the web crawlers.

How important is indexing

Indexing is very important when it comes to SEO, if you run ads to your website, it doesn’t matter much. There are several things that you should keep in mind:

  • The faster Google index your site, the better chance you can rank
  • If you google deindex your URLs or your websites, you may be in trouble
  • The faster your backlinks are indexed the better chance you will rank faster as the links are counted

What are indexers

Indexers, Indexing services, or indexer services are tools, software, or services that help your URLs/domain get indexed faster. And normally, we only use indexers for backlinks.

Some well-known online indexing services are:

  • BacklinksIndexer.com
  • InstantLinkindexer.com
  • EliteLinkIndexer
  • Linklicious
  • Indexification
  • One Hour Indexing

Some indexer tools, Softwares are:

  • GSA indexer
  • Mega Backlink Indexer
  • Scrapebox Indexer

How indexers work

Each indexer tool or service work in different ways, some are still in mystery but in general, they contain one or few of the following process:

  • a, Ping the links: Links will be open, requested by the browsers, it just works like someone open the links. And yes, on different IPs and (maybe) different user agent profiles.
  • b, Shorten the links: the links are shortened to search-engine-friendly URLs
  • c, Redirect the links: create link redirections then ping the redirect links.
  • d, Submit links to content pages: the links are put on content pages that are frequently indexed by Google
  • e, Creating content pages: Some indexers need to create content (like an article) then put your links on that content.
  • f, Automatic RSS feeds: Links get put into various RSS feeds that are crawled regularly by Google
  • g, XML Sitemaps: Sitemaps are created and submitted to Google with your links
  • h, Google Search Console Submit: Submit the URLs that contain your links (that need to be indexed)  to the Google search console

Remember that, the way Google index your links changes all the time, some indexing method used to work now it may be not working or never work anymore.

Indexers Before 2014

Before 2014, indexing is quite simple, it just needs the process a,b,c,d above. This is where indexer software valued. GSA indexer, Mega backlink indexer and Scrapebox indexers still work, also the success rate is not too high.

Indexers from 2014-2019

Things got complicated and a,b,c,d, g were using, and it’s all online indexer services that allow monthly subscriptions. Some are quick, some are slow, some are cheap, some are pricey. But in general, it worked.

Indexers since 2020

In Jun 2020, many SEOs freak out because Google changes the way it index. Not many indexing services working anymore. Some new services use a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h and can get backlinks indexed within a few hours to 24 hours but it is very costly.

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