What Does SMH On Facebook?

When the acronym “SMH” is used on Facebook, it usually means “shaking my head”. “SMH” can be used in response to a situation or a review for which a person does not have an adequate response. This is often what is said when a person is overwhelmed by the situation or comment and wishes to indicate that she shakes her head in response.

Popular Acronyms

“SMH” is one of many popular Internet acronyms can appear when browsing Facebook. The acronyms that may appear most often are “LOL” (burst of laughter), “BRB” (I’ll be right back), “IDK” (I do not know), “R8” (correct), “OMG” (oh God) and “ROFL” (rolling on the floor laughing). There are hundreds of other acronyms on the Internet, and many others are created and regularly accepted.


Internet acronyms have infiltrated all online media for text. Whether it is a state, a group or a private message or a chat session with a friend on Facebook, you can find Internet slang, such as “SMH”. Most of the acronyms used online also refer to SMS on cell phones. This type of communication has become so common that Merriam-Webster included “LOL” in its dictionary.


It is important to take into account the setting the time at which you send or interpret Acronym Internet. Many acronyms can have several meanings, depending on the speaker or subject matter. “SMH”, for example, in the context of information technology, can mean “system management home page.” Being aware of the context in which an acronym is used can give you a better idea of ​​what that means and avoid confusion. With the abbreviations created regularly, it never hurts to ask if the meaning is not clear.

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