Why I Left Facebook

EDIT: small note before you read this article, I designed one in particular. A big part of my remarks concern just everyone

There are still a few months, I had two different profiles on Facebook: a professional profile (which you can find me ) and a personal profile with friends, family and acquaintances. And then one day I got tired, I’ve permanently disabled my personal profile. And believe me, it makes a world of good.

Why? Simply because I judge more Facebook becomes an unhealthy social network in a big part of my contacts. Besides, even if I speak only FB, almost all remarks would potentially apply to all other social networks.

This need to show

Let’s start with the obvious reasons (but not necessarily those who really pushed me to leave).

the first thing that everyone can easily see (I d Besides read dozens of times in articles that talk about “leaving Facebook”), it is this need that some people have to get a constant social recognition: the famous race “like”

The addiction to Facebook

Some people seem to seek at all costs to have this sacrosanct personal recognition, as if their lives and all their actions were always worthy of interest and the need that others are interested.

Jumble, you will find among them people who write everything they do (and which every nobody cares), and those that revolve around the bush to capture the attention of others, for example with this status:

In full consideration of my life. What to do?

In short, nothing like a good sod to get rid of this type of individuals (just kidding, eh …).

< h2> Voyeurism and frustration

I see you

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one of the other elements that make Facebook an unhealthy social network is what needs to see what others do. I admit to being a victim, and this can sometimes become addictive for some: even if ultimately nothing is interesting, you look at what others are doing. This then becomes a habit, and you are sometimes frustrated when nothing happens (besides, in these cases, it nothing happens either at home …).

you have also probably had this stupid reflex reload the page with F5 or by clicking the beautiful logo of Facebook, just to see what happened for a minute (or if you have new if you like are among those who want to flatter their egos).

Moreover, you are also seen sometimes unintentionally, with contacts who you identify in their articles and photos.

Depression for

even worse, the network can become a real source of frustration and unhappiness. Why ? Simply because sometimes, your life is not satisfactory, and see what your contacts can be a real source of depression.

This starts eg holiday photos of your loved while this does not go well at your job, and you, you are not on vacation.

But this can become far more troublesome, such as when one arrives not to have children and you see the baby too cabbage particular day long contact, or we will take ultrasounds in the figure without being prepared.

or you’re going to complain about a trivial item (I am the first to do so), while some of your contacts may have lost a loved one, are seriously ill or have just been fired. You will never know what happens in the lives of others, so learn to be careful in your publications.

A phone screwed by hand

These social networks are everywhere, including now in our phones and tablets. In itself, nothing embarrassing: it is much more whenever you consistently cutting around you

Who has not been in the evening with friends talking and everything. nothing, then some people leave their phone and exclusive group. I can understand that when we are bored we try to do something else. But I think that there is a minimum of respect to be had with the people who are.

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Telephones addictive

J ‘ admits having done some time with my friends or with my family. I also admit still do from time to time with other social networks or applications. But I promise, I try to treat me

It is also seen very quickly with his family. Those who have their phone in their hand or on the table, and those the decency to put elsewhere. In some families, I know also that it will be systematic: it will never pass an evening or a day that they do not spend at least 10-15 minutes on their phone, while you are a meter of them .

Chronophage and irrelevant

What we also realizes when leaving Facebook (or any other network on which it is often active ) is that we win a lot of free time, and you focus on other more healthy activities: spending time with family, friends, reading, going out, rest, watch movies …

you can not imagine the time you spend on Facebook before you measure. This ties besides my example on the famous refresh page to see what’s going on nine. Try an update applications like “RescueTime” and you will see the impact that these networks can have on your schedule.

Judge and executioner

another thing I could not bear was that the fact that each status or action is judged by everyone. Everyone always has an opinion on everything: your contacts and will comment and criticize (openly or behind your back) everything you do or write

All judges Facebook


I’m sure you’ve already had at least once more or less heated discussions with certain contacts, and on subjects as varied as sometimes childish: politics, religion, welfare of animals, ecology, humor …

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And the big problem on the Internet is that you do not have the intonation that goes with the text. Yet it can speak volumes about your real thought, especially when you make humor. Worse, a simple phrase gone wrong can be very misunderstood by friends and family. Unlike a discussion in person, you can never exchange as serene way as in real life.

I respect you most

And finish. the failure of your contacts, your family and your friends

When you get to a stage where you learn by Facebook of the important news of your immediate surroundings, it’s enough to have bad, such as a wedding announcement or a baby will happen in nine months (yes, with the picture of the pregnancy test just to serve …).

If you consider all your contacts on FB at the same level, and go see them or give them at least a phone call for this type of events is too complex, it is because you do may not be so close, or that you do not necessarily follow.

But you’re still on Facebook?

in short, the more time passed, the more I seemed to get away more and more of me s Facebook contacts, while paradoxically this is how I knew the most about them …

So yes, I’m still here, but only on a professional basis: sometimes you will see some lighter statutes from me, but I will never share personal items too.

I kept a few contacts from my family and my friends on the other profile, but it stops there. Actually, there is one thing I miss (which explains the presence of some close) group conversations because they are super practical to organize a party, a birthday or holidays

<. br>

so I can only advise you one thing: Turn your Facebook account! It’s weird at first, but in reality it makes a world of good!

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